International & Finnish & Estonian & Latvian Ch

Toybox Ace of Diamonds  ~ "Touhu"

  * patella luxation 0/0, eyes clear of PRA, HC, RD *



13 weeks


four and a half months


Puppies sired by Touhu




Gb&Irl Ch

Emadale Sundancer at Sueacres


Gb Ch

Toybox Platignum Phantom


Toybox Small Print

Silver Slipper at Toybox

 Emadale's Highlight



Lekas Starlight from Emadale

Emadale Party Girl

Stratus Jet at Toybox

Stratus Blue Ash



Sweetheart's Takin A Chance For Toybox

Stratus Blue Avenue

Gilljuns Dreamer at Stratus

Mariesha Beautiful Beau at Stratus

Keneven Lucky Lady