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  Tästä saat sivun suomeksi

I fell in love with Pomeranians when I lived in France in the 80's and saw one walking in the street. That is why I acquired my first Pom, Casanova, from there. He was principally bought as a pet but I got interested in dog shows, started showing him and finished him to his Finnish champion title. He was the kindest little dog one could imagine, and lived a long, happy life with us until we lost him at the age of seventeen years in summer 2004.

After I had bought of Casanova, I soon realised I had to have more of these charming creatures, especially since I felt they would be of more fun to me and to each other if there were several of them. So the number of our Poms has increased over the years but we still keep it low enough to be able to give each of them individual attention. 

Our Poms are our dearly beloved family members who all live with us free at the house. We live in an individual house in Kirkkonummi which is 30 km from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and we have a garden where the dogs can run free and enjoy their lives. I cannot stop admiring how vivacious, intelligent, and loving these little, fluffy balls can be, and it is their attractive physical appearance combined with their charming personalities that make them such a joy to live with.

I enjoy showing very much and also travelling to dog shows to other countries. As I actually love doing everything connected to this delightful breed, I have also been an active member of our breed club for the past 15 years and have held various positions there.

For many years we have only kept boys but after having been in the breed for some 17 years I felt it was really time for me to start also breeding in a small scale. So I acquired my affix Pipperoo and have set myself new goals for the future. I hope to produce healthy, sound, happy Poms that would be especially of the correct breed type with beautiful heads and expressions.

I hope you enjoy visiting this site. Please take the time to sign the guest book to let us know you have been there. These pages will be updated on a regular basis so please call again soon.